Durban City Marathon

Another race done for 2019, and I have to admit I feel stronger after each one, even though I have some battle scars afterwards.  This last Sunday was the Durban City marathon, this is a well-established race even though there was some speculation that it may not have happened.

Registration was very easy.  Tickets had to be purchased through webtickets with a relative straight forward process with no additional fees. There was no goodie bags but t-shirts to all 21 and 42 km entrants. I am a little jinxed with shirts this year, no shirt with Deloitte and with this one they didn’t have my size,  but was a nice shirt.

53690da7-adf1-4736-9c83-53d41ecd46b0It sometimes make we wonder why on earth anyone would set their alarm take wake up at 2:15 am in order to be on time for a race. This is now part of the pre-race routine package as much as plasters, energy gels and getting all your run gear ready the night before. Durban is only an hour or so away from where I live and the early 5:30 am start is welcomed as even though the weather is changing it still gets hot during the day.

There is nothing more beautiful then running along the beach front, especially early in the morning when the sun is still trying to gently remind you it’s almost day time. The route itself was very flat and beautiful. Beach and tourist scenes, running back with the city contrast. It was easy to set small goals for every kilometer till completion, while keeping your mind occupied with the views

On route we met a really brave lady, she registered for the 10km run but accidentally started with the half and marathon runners. She only realized her mistake 8 km into the run, she continued to run the 21km. We bumped into her along the route and she stuck with us for a while but then we somehow lost her. I still wonder if she completed the run, but I was so impressed with her decision to try. We don’t know what our bodies are capable of till you put your mind aside and try. I really hope she finished.

606abbf5-a1b6-4ef9-a5bc-5ba8c895a361There was a generous cut off time for this run, but not that generous that you could slack an not think about your pace but just keep pushing. I am honest that I am a not a pro athlete, there are days where I think can’t  I even call myself a runner, I walk during runs when I am tired and run when I need too, so instead I like to use the term I am participator.

With my last two half’s I have been suffering with cramps in the last two kilometers or so. This has made me think I am either not hydrating enough or having a sodium depletion, will definitely try some different things in my next run and see if it makes a difference.  We all finished in good time. I even improved my best time with about 5 minutes.

I want to thank the cleaning crew that help pick up the water sachets during and after an event like this. Being close to the ocean there is always a chance of it landing on the beach or in the ocean, it would be really great if we can think of alternatives to this problem in order to be environmentally conscious while having fun.

Definitely can’t wait till next year for this one again. Thanks ladies for another run we can stick under our belt. There is a whole story I can share about our experience at the Durban country club, but will leave that for another time.



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