Natural Remedies – Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lavender

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Being a bit of a fuss pot when it comes to medicine and medical care, I never really looked into natural remedies as I was not shown or taught this in my environment. As soon as there is a sniffle or a cough, I would go to the pharmacy and choose one of the many over the counter remedies to try and get an instant fix.  Being sick is inconvenient, but only after some research, getting more sick from medicine side effects is worse.

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Going every year for the Flu vaccination, this year was no different as I took the brood over for our annual jab. Besides having a slight burn sensation it felt like I was punched in my arm. That same night my cat decided to smother me with love not in her usual position but close to my face, making me wake up the next morning feeling like I sniffed a fur-ball and spent a week not drinking water.

My first reaction was: “Oh, my goodness, I think I am allergic to my cat”. Sent the husband to the pharmacy to get the usual allergy remedies. After this knocked me out and made me sleep non stop, I remembered something my mom in law was telling me about essential oils and more natural remedies.

Googled some more options and finally settled on 3 essential oils peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender with apple cider vinegar cause somewhere I saw it helped with mucus.  I made a blend with some coconut oil and added it in the fridge to harden.


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My youngest battles to fall asleep, so its really important for me to keep a strict bed time routine. With her I tried the lavender drops in her bath, with loads of complaints like :” This really stinks” and my favorite from my 5 year old was; “‘Mom that is poison, your trying to poison me”. Bathed and ready for bed, she did seem slightly calmer and fell asleep a little quicker.

After rubbing my medley of oils on my chest, neck and back, and while I was on a roll, I decided to rub some on my eldest daughter as well. She has a tendency to snore, for a 7 year old to make those kind of noises periodically is not a good thing but it wasnt so bad that I felt it needed a doctors visit.  Dropped some of the peppermint on both our pillows.

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Firstly here are some of the things I realized, I had a daughter sleeping, one not snoring so bad and a mom that can kind of breathe through the one nostril without feeling like something is going to pop and explode. I still took some traditional flu medication but I could definitely feel the difference.

From various resources I have learnt peppermint oil is good for muscle and joint pain, good when your body feels hit by a bus. It helps with allergies and sinuses and not just that is its natural bug repellent.

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Eucalyptus oil like the peppermint oil helps with respiratory conditions and helps with coughs, while helping you fight infections. This gem of an oil has many more uses that just the ones that can benefit your health but some nifty home ones too.

This is definitely something I will look into more, call me converted. Maybe not completely but baby steps.  There has been a noticeable difference in sleeping, snoring and breathing in my home with more natural approach and to be honest my house smells amazing with the mint and lavender as an extra bonus.

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