5 Google products to improve your business and your productivity

There is a not a product more popular or more well-known than Google. We are all familiar with their search engine but what we might not know the range gems they have for not just personal use but business use as well for either free or at a nominal charge for what they are giving you.

These products do not only help with efficiency but will also offers products that integrate easy for a better user experience with one product.

Cloud Identity header

  1. G suite Google Cloud

This is great for any business that wants to move their business over to the cloud and for companies that have a lot of remote workers that need to collaborate on the same project.

Some of the pros listed easy to merge calendars and set up meetings with ease for everyone linked to the suite. Can have meetings over the web using hangouts with any tablet, phone or computer linked.

One can easily work on documents and spreadsheets with or without internet. What is great is multiple people can work at the same time and changes are saved automatically. No heart attacks if you forgot to save the info.

Nothing is scarier than a crashed hard drive, now you can save and store all the information on the cloud and it’s easily accessible to everyone in the team with access. They also have security features to help protect your data and users.

Prices Range from  USD 6 – 25 per user per month

G Suite link


  1. Google Hire

This is a great tool for all your HR managers and recruitment agencies. This one integrates with G suite quite nicely. Some of the advantages of this tool you can post vacancies on multiple sites, capture and track applicants, manage and track interviews and access reports.

What I really think is a great feature is that you will have a database of potential candidates at your fingertips. Talent that might have slipped through the cracks but can have a second chance.

Prices range from 1 – 25 G suite licenses for USD 100

Google Hire Link


  1. Google Data studio

Data drives decisions and every business needs access to this make informed ones. That is what makes this tool so fantastic having all your vital data accessible in one platform.

They handle authentication, access rights, and structure for the use of data visualizations and calculations. With prebuild data connectors you can easy import data from sources like analytics, Google Ads, Google Bigquery, Campaign manager, MySQL and more.

Price: start for free

Data studio Link


  1. Google Forms

This a great little form builder that will help any small business owner or start up with their market research. Easy to use you can create beautiful surveys to ask any thing that you need feedback on, ranging from collecting emails, create a pop quiz or manage event registrations. Anything you can think off.

Price: Free to use

Forms link

download (1)

  1. Google Digital garage

A gem I only recently discovered is digital garage. A learning tool that google has made available to the public to improve their skills in the digital world. You can learn at your own pace with courses from time management to the elements of artificial intelligence.

In some of the countries they offer face to face courses as well, these are mainly in the states and the UK. But still offer great online content to all users across the globe.

Price: Free to use

Google Digital garage

There are many more amazing products they have that can suite your pocket and your needs that can help streamline your business and productivity. Are there any products they have available that you can’t live without? Drop me a comment.


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