Ntenga Foundation Charity Run/Walk 2019

This past Monday was the 5th Ntenga Charity run/ walk, but this was my first time participating in this fund raising event.


Ntenga Charity Run

Ntenga Foundation is a non profit organisation that raised funds for school shoes for underprivileged children. It is quite symbolic that it was held on the 17th of June 2019, as South Africans were commemorating Youth Day which is on the 16th of June. On this public holiday we look back at the Soweto protest in 1976. We celebrate this day so we can acknowledge the impact of youth had on South Africa’s liberation. The funds raised will help the next generation of youth make an ever bigger impact.

Registration was really easy; I was surprised that we didn’t have too submit our licence numbers or register for a temporary license for the 10km run, as this normally a requirement. The rest of my family registered for the 5km. What really drew me to enter and get the family involved was for all the after event activities they had included with your entry. All finishers received a medal and we received a shirt with our race number and Ushaka entry.


Ntenga Charity Run Line outside Ushaka

The programme of the day commenced as follows:

8am – 10km run/walk starts at People’s Park, Moses Mabhida Stadium
8:30am – 5km run/walk starts at People’s Park, Moses Mabhida Stadium
10am – Prizing giving ceremony at uShaka Marine Wet ‘n Wild pools
10:15am – Mass aerobics marathon at uShaka Marine World’s Wet ‘n Wild pools
11:00am – Post race entertainment at uShaka Marine Wet ‘n Wild pools. Performances by Holly Rey and many more
Venue: Moses Mabhida Stadium to Ushaka Marine World
Entry fee: 5km = R120 & 10km = R130
Time: 5km = 8am & 10km = 8:30am

IMG_0133 (1)

Ntenga Run Start line 

There was plenty of parking at the venue but I was a little worried that I was going to miss the 8 am start. The lines to the buses that took you to the starting point moved quite quickly and were organized. The buses ran from 5 am to 8 am. The ques were quite long but moving at military speed when we boarded our bus. When we arrived at the start point the MC directed the 10 km runners to the starting point almost immediately. In the back of my mind I was wondering if all the runners made it to the start on time, but if they didn’t the organizers cannot be blamed.

The run itself was flat and it’s always a pleasure for me to run along the scenic beachfront. My only real concern was the lack of water tables. I came across one and it didn’t have enough water for all the runners. It would have been better if the  organizers advised the runners before hand so one can make provision for this, as most people would understand and cater for their own water. After 10km with no water on route and no liquids at the end I was feeling a little parched.

The atmosphere and vibe was really intoxicating. No one can shake what they got like South Africans. The concert catered for a range of taste and had artists like Holly Rey, Lvovo, Dj Happygal, Syzo and many more kept the crowds jumping and in my mind immune to the cold.


After Party At Ushaka Wet and Wild

Well done to Ntenga Foundation and promoters to a successful event. Thank you to all whom participated and did you share for a great cause. If you participated what was your thoughts? What would make a great charity event for you?







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