Women’s Health Fit Night Out 2019

Women’s Health Fit Night Out is a must on any fitness calendar. This was the second one in Durban that I am aware of, last year it was held at Sugar Park and this Year near the Moses Mabhida stadium. This event is guaranteed to make you shake your uncoordinated booty and have a few laughs with your gal pals.



Womens Health Fitnight 2019


I have been looking forward to this event since last year, so when ticket sales opened I buddied up for the discount as the single ticket can work out quite pricey. Tickets were done through Quicket, the same as the previous year and are quite a straight forward to process. As we booked in advance I had time really appreciate the build-up to the event.

Having a line-up of fitness celebs some new and some old it’s guaranteed that you will feel the effects on your body and maybe some problems climbing stairs (yes I admit my ass and abs felt it today).


The line-up includes:

— An energizing warm-up with Virgin Active’s Ceri Hannan

— Train like a beast with Mapule a.k.a. Queen Fitnass

— Bollywood Fitness with Veena Sukha

— Pantsula dance workout with Mpho Kunene

— Rockingnheels with Takkies

— The S.W.E.A.T.1000 crew returns to end your night on a high!

The venue was great, I preferred this venue to the one in Balito. With the stadium in the background and the tiers, everyone had no problems to see the stage. The extra stands were also a great touch with Adidas having mini competitions where you can win branded caps, water bottles, and sweatbands. I was lucky enough to win some swag, by having the fastest feet.

Adidas also gave you a chance to try out some of their shoes, with a hill sprint competition. If during the night you had the fastest time you could win a pair of shoes and win a smaller prize if you could win against your buddy.

Powerade was great with their hydration stations with Powerade zero and water on tap. You were able to refill the bottle you got with your goodie bag, and they still had the best props for photos for this memorable night.



Womens Health Fitnight 2019


My two highlights were Panstsula dance and S.W.E.A.T.1000. Mpho took you on a journey into the heart of Jozi with humor and swaggy dance moves. I had so much fun following the story and boy o boy did my legs feel it. From saying: “Hello, Howzit” and looking back for cops cause I am gambling had me in stitches that I didn’t even notice how my body was moving.



Womens Health Fitnight 2019


S.W.E.A.T.1000 the energy those two gave off on the beat of PsyTrance and other fast-paced dance music was a great way to push your body for the last stretch. I felt empowered like a boxer and ready to punch with all my soul if I needed too.

The messages from the Mapule and Takkies is all about love your body and do it because you love yourself. I felt like I could actually dance after Takkies rocking in heals routine and training like a beast with Mapule, both are very inspirational women with rocking bodies.

Some Pros of the event

  • Great venue
  • Fun opportunities to win prizes with Adidas and Montagu.
  • Facilities were nice and accessible
  • Sweat Towel and shirt in the goodie bag.

Some Cons

  • Some of the prizes were only able to be won if you were right by the stage. The previous year they had people that came around to all areas selecting random winners.
  • Last year Powerade had people come around to fill your bottle, this year not, but they did come later and pick up empties and drop some bottles.
  • The goodie bag was a bit empty compared to last year. On the website, it stated and more but it only had which was stated.



Womens Health Fitnight 2019


I really love this event it’s a fun night out with friends, creating memories while looking after your body and your mind. What were your thoughts on the event? If you attended a different city what was the same and what was different?





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