Trail Vs Road Running

There are 3 types of runners I have come across in my short span. There are the trail, road and the heck why not do both runners.  There are pros and cons to both these disciplines so let’s look at those.

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Trail Running

Aaaah the great outdoors, but more than just being outside this is literally running in the wilderness with marked trails but can also be you and your compass heading into the unknown. I definitely think trails are a lot more technical to run than the road. You have to contend with rocks, scrubs and anything else that nature might throw at you.

You will not be able to keep the same pace as you would with a road run, and there will be areas where you might have to climb and walk. The spectacular views and change of terrain will definitely keep your mind occupied on those long runs as you will have make sure about your safety as you move along.

Being in the great outdoors also means you will need to pack a few extra things to make sure that you stay safe. Hydration packs, extra food and something to keep you warm are essential.  Chances of you getting lost is a reality in the beginning but can be minimized with carrying a map and staying on route.  The type of shoe you run with will also be different to normal road runs, so if you really want to get serious to be fitted for the proper shoes.

Who said adults can’t go play outside? Trails are also better on your knees because the impact is on softer ground, but also helps with agility and concentration and strength.  With any sport make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules and be courteous to other runners.

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Road running

Just you and the open road, literally, well maybe you will share it with a few thousand other runners, but road running is running with no additional obstacles in the way or having wild life to contend with. Road runs normally held on marked off roads is a straight forward run.

This is where you can work on the pace and distance as you won’t have anything to hold you back. Having you feet hit the concrete is where you need to keep your mind occupied to carry you the distance or the speed.

As much as I believe I might be generalizing I have made the comparison that road runners are way more competitive in the sense of timing and pacing per mile, compared to the trail runners who I find are bit more relaxed maybe all the extra fresh air.

Not having to contend with the elements might mean not so much with to carry with, but depending on your distance you are tackling on the road you will still need to pack a few essentials, but I think it’s safe to say we can skip on the maps and compass.

Shoes will also be different for road runs, again depending on mileage you will be covering its best to have it fitted for you. This can make the world of difference in your running adventures.

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Any Running

Running has many positive health benefits one of the greatest ones is cardiovascular strength, but is not limited to this one muscle. Your body becomes a mean oxygen processing machine, helping you loose weight, make you mentally strong and you still get to release feel good coping with stress better hormones

It all boils down to preference and one shouldn’t let technicalities like right gear or fear of snakes (that’s me) hold you back from trying the different disciplines. I am curious to know which one you prefer, is there any other differences you can you think of that I might have missed out?

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