Totalsports Women’s Race – Durban 2019



Totalsports Women’s Race 2019

On the 9th of August 2019, nine thousand women were stronger together with the annual Total sports women’s race in Durban. A flood of pink took to the streets in 3 major cities in South Africa in support of the Pink Drive for cancer.  Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg saw women all come together on the same day to get their fitness on in support of a good cause.


This year was my second time participating in the event and like with any mass participation event there will be some greats and some not so greats. Entering is always a breeze and a straight forward process; entry fees were reasonable and with the temporary license if needed was R160. A bit of a shocker to me was it looked like some didn’t receive their temporary licenses and no one received safety pins to attach bibs for the Durban race.


Totalsports Women’s Race 2019

This got you a beautiful shirt and headscarf and finishers bracelet at the end of this race. This year like last year there were some issues with the shirts. This causes some disappointed with some of the participants as you order your shirt when you do the entry. In my case it was my own fault, I ordered a shirt that was way too big, last year all the shirts were very big. This year they seemed to get the sizing right but some did not receive with they ordered with entry and others didn’t get any headscarf’s.



Totalsports Women’s Run Durban


Total sports will definitely need to have a look at the race pack collection portion of this race to try and streamline it, especially if they can see the kind of numbers of people that participate, bad news travels a lot quicker than all the positives and this will leave people reluctant to participate even if it’s for a good cause. Two years in a row leaving people unhappy. People getting incorrect numbers or not being helped at all is really unacceptable for a paid event.

Race day I was very glad I got dropped off as I think I would have struggled to get parking. No information pre-race day advised about designated parking for the runners.  One comment I saw on social media a participant nearly missed the start cause of the chaos.


One thing no one can take away from the race is the atmosphere once you are there waiting at the start for the race to start. The electricity of all the women in unison is something to behold. That is why I love participating in these events. They had two distances on offer 10km and 5 km, I want to say they started at different times but I can’t recall as it looked like everyone started at 8 am.

We did not push ourselves with this one as we have 3 more runs to come but had a blast. With all the participants the roads were busy but people had fun and at the end of the day, that is all that mattered.  We are all advocating for a run clean environment but there was a lack of bins on the side of the roads for the water sachets.


Some people didn’t like the bracelets for completing but I loved it, it’s different from the normal medals and it’s something you can use if you want too. This event was all about breast cancer awareness, what is more, special than women getting together on women’s day, what was even more special is that they offered women free mammograms at the end if you chose too. I didn’t participate in any of the after run events so it would be unfair for me to comment.

I love this event and it saddens me that there are still so many complaints with the same portion of the event. I really hope this will be ironed out next year. Anyone else participates this year? Thoughts and feelings you had?


Totalsports Womens Race 2019

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