Capital Climb 2019

There are runs and then there is the Capital Climb. This year the Capital climb fell on the 1st of September which is the Spring day in our part of the world. This is my 3rd year participating in this run, first year was the 5km fun run, last two years was the 15km run, I am not going to lie, its dreading and forward looking at the same time.

Online registrations were a bit tricky, we struggled to enter normally on the laptop but managed to enter on the phone much easier. It took a long time to register as the page took long to load and we didn’t want to refresh as it was taking so long. We registered for 4 people with different cell phone numbers and email addresses however none of us received a confirmation email to confirm our entries.

Collection went smoothly seeing that you only collect your race number and temporary license. They don’t have goodie bags but offer you a shirt at the end if you complete the 15km run. They only have two distances for this race. There is a 15km and a 5km fun run.

What makes this run so special and terrifying at the same time is the 6km climb to Worlds view. From the start point it’s just uphill, climbing and climbing. After the gruelling 6km there is some relief for your legs with downhill runs to the end. One portion of the run is in a forest which is really beautiful before you hit the tar again for the descent.

Both years that I have participated in the 15km run, there have been two fire fighters that complete the course in full gear. We all struggle and reach deep to complete this route and for them to do it with a smile and be fully kitted is amazing. 

Even though I felt much stronger this year than last year, my time didn’t improve as much as I would have liked, but there is always next year. I am asthmatic and I find normally I can control it quite well even with the long runs but every year with this one I struggle. I am wondering if it could be all the dust in the air or the actual climb, I won’t let it stop me.

This run starts and ends and Voortrekker high school. As you enter the school the relief you feel is amazing because you know the end is near. Every time I wear the Capital climb shirt I feel like I truly deserve it, this is one of the shirts I can definitely say I wear with pride.

There was adequate refreshments on route and the photographers are always a nice touch. I am waiting for the day where they take a photo that I don’t look like I am at war. I might be mentally at war however would still like to look great on the photos.

The physical strain on your body you feel. I don’t normally feel the effects of a run but on Monday my bum and legs felt it. I definitely will need to incorporate a lot more hill training next year before we tackle this beast of a run.

I would love to hear about your most challenging run, and what makes it so. I am sure we all have a love / hate relationship with that one run.

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