FNB10K Surf City Run 2019

What happens when one of South Africa’s biggest banks decides to host a run? You land up with one of the most exciting run your city series, hosted by First National bank and other big sponsors like Total Sports and Puma. This year an amazing 9000 participants sprinted off from the Blue Lagoon in Durban.

FNB 10k Route

I have now participated in quite a few runs and none communicate as well as the FNB run your city series. Long before you will receive and sms to remind you those entries will be available online soon. Entering online is always easy. Entries are a bit on the more expensive side, R185 gets you in excluding a temporary license that is about R30 for standard package.

FNB Run your city Durban Pack

What makes them different is that if you feel like splurging you can pay between R850 and R880 for a VIP package. You then have access to a whole range of extras. You get all that is included in the standard package but then there is tents pre and post race. Think massages, refreshments and tog bag collections.

This year’s shirts are really nice and the socks was a nice add, different to the normal head gear so this stood out for me, hopefully we can get tights soon too, just an idea. The plastic free run movement with them was really awesome. With previous complaints about litter along the beach front I am very pro this movement and the instructions were given in advance to bring your water bottle for the refill stations along the line.

Rules for the run

To be honest I am normally super prepared with these things, where I have studied everything from the beginning to the end. But with a range of personal issues, I have not done that with this race but found that the website was great. I went online and could find all the parking information and road closures while in the car. This run was for me all about having fun while working up a sweat.

View walking to the start line

One concern I had was that while walking from the casino, where we parked to the start of the run, there was a stretch where some drunk people decided to have a fight. The one actually took a bag of glass bottles, picked it up and tried to bulldoze his competitor in the altercation. I know this is a public space but hopefully as a general concern that the municipality will maybe add additional security at all times to keep people safe. Thankfully we as South Africans can find humor in even the most random of situations.

This race they start in batches. I am not sure how they really decide if you are not a contender. My friend and I put the same best time and got put into different batches, maybe they take the previous years’ time? Both way the build-up was quite nice with the national anthem and the pumps to get you excited to run.  

Excited, nervous and amped

The run itself is a lot of fun, with a lot of entertainment on the way. This is the highlight for me with various musical stations from traditional, bag pipes and an orchestra. The weather conditions were also perfect for the run, it was overcast with places where the breeze hits you. Running in the city is also a nice the general routes for Durban is always along the beach front. There is something about the combination of city and sea that speaks to me.

I was little sad finishing but there is always next year, they only have the one distance only 10km but that is what makes it nice also. The winner if I am not mistaken took it home in 27min. Maybe one day I will be able to do 5km in 27min. I really enjoyed this run its one of my highlights of the running season just because it’s so well organized. 

What was your thoughts of the run if you participated? Anything you would have changed? Highlights and low lights?

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  1. I never joined any fun run. But 10km no way.


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