Kearsney Striders run 2020

Kearsney Striders run 2020

New Year new runs, and the first one of the year has officially been completed. I am sometimes very glad that I have 12 months to forget certain routes, and Kearsney is one of those. 

This run offers two distances 21.1km and 10km. They don’t have a fun run available. Hosted by the school Kearsney College its boasts a lot of farm life, like cows and even a chicken farm on route, with students cheering you on at certain water points.

Sunday morning we had an early rise, getting up sparrows fart, where most people would think we are robbers being up this early. It was cold during the morning with loads of light drizzle but it gave you a small sense of maybe possibly clearing up.

We could collect our race numbers the day before, so we had to rush to get our numbers on time as we had a 6am start. As we got near Kearsney we got redirected to the parking area at the back of the school. It was lovely secure parking. I cringed having to take my jacket off as the wind looked like it would blow your shirt off your back.

This is also the first year that KZN licenses were not valid for runs in January. You had to have your 2020 ASA license in order to participate or buy a temporary license. In a lot of countries you don’t require a license to run on the road but in South Africa it is a requirement to pay a fee.  That is why most runners join clubs to get their licenses to avoid paying hefty temporary fees and having the added bonus of having loads of new friends to run with.

We proceeded to collect our race numbers and were thankful we used the toilets that were further away, as the one near the race number collection one the que was very long. I would suggest maybe some portaloos to cater for the influx of people during the race, as I hear the start for the 21km while people were still in the Que.

The route is quite deceptive if it’s your first time running this race.  Starting off with a downhill it lures you into a false sense of security, just for you to climb. It gives your legs a break with some flats and smaller up and down hills. Then the last climb before the end that kills your legs. This run was one of my harder ones as I felt very unfit and walked a lot.

Aaah the top of one of the hills

I was definitely using this race as a reboot for my brain, even though I complained and probably thought I was going to die, when I completed it the rush was amazing. So yes my reboot worked so bring on the rest of the year.

Have you participated in Kearsney before what did you think? If you are in a running slump what do you do to get out of it?

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  1. such beautifully written i loved and enjoyed reading the article.. keep writing stuff like this and keep doing such adventurous sports 😊


  2. thank you for your comment and encouragement


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